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hand picked

PollenPlus™ Male Kiwifruit Pollen is produced from handpicked male flowers, selected from top performing orchards and specific Chieftain male production blocks.

PollenPlus™ has invested in the most modern pollen processing facilities to ensure that the flowers are handled delicately, quickly and efficiently to maintain optimum quality.

PollenPlus™ Male Kiwifruit Pollen is quality tested for its viability and pollen tube growth using state of the art laboratory equipment, and is stored at -20°c or lower to ensure its high viability and quality is maintained.

PollenPlus™ guarantees a minimum of 80% viability on all Male Kiwifruit Pollen supplied to the customer.



  • Store at -18°c or lower (normal temperature of a domestic freezer)
  • Ensure that your pollen jar remains air tight during storage
  • Thaw your pollen overnight in the refrigerator (4 to 6°c) and use within 24 hours
  • Allow pollen temperature to reach between 10 and 20°c one hour prior to use
  • Keep in a cool area while in the orchard and avoid direct sunlight at all times
  • Ensure pollen has reached ambient temperature before use
  • Do not re-freeze once thawed

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