Wet Application

Cambrian Sprayer

A comprehensive application system that can be used in all weather conditions with proven results

Ideal for:-

- Blocks with inadequate male vines or flower numbers
- Known problem areas within the orchard
- Orchards with surrounding strong floral competition
- Conditions where cold, rain or wind limits bee activity

The Cambrian sprayer is a one-man handheld sprayer. The nozzle system delivers even droplets, using a low pollen rate. The Cambrian pollen sprayer provides excellent results in all weather conditions. PollenPlus™ Male kiwifruit pollen must be agitated with Pollen Assist, Pollen Assist Marker Dye, deionised water and applied within one hour.

Approximate application rate per hectare;


- 250 to 350 grams of pollen per hectare per pass
- 4 grams of pollen per litre of mix
- 20mls Pollen Assist per litre (Approximately 1.2 litres per Ha per pass)
- 5mls of Pollen Assist Marker Dye per litre (Approximately 300mls per Ha per pass)
- 1 litre of deionised water (Approximately 60 litres per Ha per pass) - Pollen must be applied within one hour of mixing with Pollen Assist and deionised water - 1 person will cover 1/8th to 1/6th of a Ha per day

Apply at 60% and then again at 95% - 100% flowering
Apply 500 to700 grams of pollen once at 95% flowering

For full instructions contact PollenPlus™.


PollenAssist suspension medium maintains pollen viability while in a liquid state, and ensures PollenPlus™ Male Kiwifruit Pollen is in optimum condition during transfer to the flower by the sprayer. Pollen Assist has been scientifically tested for efficacy by Plant & Food Research.
Use Pollen Assist at 20mls per 1 litre of deionised water

Pollen Assist Marker Dye
Use Pollen Assist Marker Dye as a vibrant indicator to show that your female kiwifruit flowers have been spray pollinated. Pollen Assist Marker Dye will remain on sprayed flowers for a number of days as an indicator that the flower has been sprayed, and allows monitoring to ensure satisfactory pollen application.

Use Pollen Assist Marker Dye at 5mls per 1 litre of deionised water

PollenPlus™ Accessories
PollenPlus™ has a full range of wet application accessories;

- Cambrian Sprayers
- Cambrian Parts
- Full range of Deionising Cartridges - Deionising Resin refill packs

Zespri Gold
Scientific research carried out by Plant & Food Research showed that Zespri Gold pollination is optimal on day two of flower opening therefore applications should be carried out every second or third day.

Recommended application rates are the same as Hayward.

For full instructions contact PollenPlus™.

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